Synergize Your Distribution Channel
If you are like many mid-sized manufacturers, your company needs to do business with your distributors more efficiently. Perhaps you've tried to introduce automation but found out that the solutions were too complex and expensive - guaranteeing a low acceptance by your distributors.

With Averiware you have an Enterprise Channel Management application with the unique advantage of an integrated distributor Business Management application - with a lower cost of ownership and easier, faster deployment than competing solutions.

Averiware provides you with a single consistent point of management for your entire distribution channel, allowing you to be seamlessly connected to all your distributors. You'll dramatically reduce costs, improve accuracy, and increase channel revenues - giving you a competitive distribution advantage. Getting all your distributors on board won't be difficult either, once they see the added value of the robust Business Management functionality that they will gain at a very reasonable price.

Fully Integrated Channel Management
From automated pricing and promotions support, through order management and consolidated reporting, Averiware delivers the capabilities you need to achieve greater channel visibility while lowering operational costs:

  • Customized pricing and promotions improves flexibility and targeting to effect change quickly
  • Automated order processing increases operational efficiency and order accuracy by eliminating manual process that
    reduce costs
  • Immediate settlement capability means better overall partner and customer satisfaction
  • Near real-time distribution channel information improves decision-making
  • One system to integrate all distributors reduces cost and complexity
  • Consolidated reporting and analysis provides greater visibility into channel performance
  • 100% Web-based solution means faster deployment and lower total cost of ownership than competing solutions