Migration Form

Migration Form

Thank you for applying for our free data migration services.

We understand that one of the reason business stay with their existing solution is that it contains valuable historic information and it is easier to stay with the existing product than to lose year of information. The other main reason is that the cost of migrating this information can cost thousands of dollars and lots of time. In an effort to help our future customers , Averiware will help migrate their data at no cost, however because this is a big effort we need to make sure we understand what the expectations are and make sure we can migrate the data.

Below is a list of the steps we will take and requirements we have to make this determination. We need each company to meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least 5 user licenses
  • Free Migration is limited to 3 years of financial data.
  • We can provide a quoted of additional years.
  • The customer must sign up for a 12 month commitment.
  • The billing will start form sign up date and data will be fully migrated in 30-60 days.
  • A contact from the organization will need to be available to address any questions or calcifications related to the data being migrated.
  • We need to be able to access the data base to pull the information or be provided CSV files with the data to be migrated.
  • We need to have an online demo and consultation to review Averiware discuss your business and so we could find make sure Averiware would be a fit for you.
  • Fill out the form below:

Please fill out the form below, if you would like apply for the request for free migrations services.

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