Support Services

With many man hours spent in developing and many more spent in deploying it worldwide,, now meets the requirements of every business around the world. It is a system that can transform any business with the power of cloud computing. The domain knowledge and expertise that we have gained over these years has been put into action with the programs, services, and partners, to help you get the most from Averiware.

Averiware’s functionality can be adapted to meet the requirements of most any service based business anywhere. For example, the inventory data file can be used to specify services by classification – e.g. Certified Electrician, Helper, Service Call etc. This data can then support quotations or invoicing of services rendered by the hour, day or week - in the same manner as for merchandise transactions.

Averiware is ‘Cloud Based’ and eliminates the need for ‘in house’ IT management. With hand held communications devices the cloud is within easy reach – no matter where services are provided.