Averiware Inc. is an innovative software development company providing comprehensive Business Management Solutions for small and mid-sized Businesses . With operations spread over USA, Canada, Europe, South East Asia and Australia, and development centre based out of India and Singapore. We at Averiware, strive to change the way every business works, making them more efficient and meritocratic , where awards are based on performance. We help these organizations by accelerating their execution capabilities and resulting in cost savings by over 50%.

Our goal is to help small and mid-sized enterprises manage all of their business processes – including finance, sales and service, Web presence and employee management – more efficiently. Companies can save time, money and resources and get unprecedented visibility into their operations by utilizing one centralized and up-to-date database, ending the headache of using multiple incompatible applications. With anytime, anywhere Web access!

With over a 150 man years spent on development on Averiware, and domain knowledge gained by serving hundreds of customers in many countries , we are now geared to serve and grow companies like yours each and every day. Customer-focused ethic is our single most important and recognized quality, we have worked to achieve a growth rate twice that of our nearest competitor. Our products and solution are evidently for the next generation. The Total Business Management Solution that we offer integrates all functions that a business needs like Supply Chain Management (SCM), Accounting and Financial Reporting, eCommerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), and Human Resources applications.

Averiware’s solution can be delivered via SaaS model or implemented on your organization server. Averiware can be rapidly deployed for a faster time-to-benefit and increased ROI. With Averiware, SMBs will experience dramatic cost savings, increased profitability, and enhanced partner and customer satisfaction. Our 100 percent Web-based solution delivers exceptional business value at a low total cost of ownership.


Averiware – a pioneer in cloud computing solutions – delivers enterprise grade business solutions featuring integrated data base, improved communications, management visibility, streamlined business operations, and significant cost of ownership savings!

Averiware enables its customers to transform the way they manage their businesses. They can access data to support business decisions in real time – at the office or when traveling. With Averiware, clients can implement relevant Information Technology in a manner that is evolutionary and driven by specific needs.

Averiware provides small and midsize businesses with Enterprise-Class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). There is also plenty of capacity for growth. On a single superbly integrated platform, Averiware efficiently combines Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Accounting and Financial Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Human Resources (HR) applications.

Averiware is privately owned and based in Ontario, California near Los Angeles. In addition, we enjoy an international presence with offices in Singapore, India and through our resellers’ network. For more information please contact us at investors@


This is right time to become an Averiware Partner! In addition to Averiware’s innovative product the Averiware Partner Program now offers strong revenue-generation and demand-creation initiatives, great margins and we can help you build and expand your business.

Averiware has 3 types of Partner Programs:

Averiware Referral Partners
Averiware’s Referral Program is designed to allow businesses with strong relations with customers in a specific industry or region to refer their customers to the Averiware solution. These businesses can generate revenue as a Referral Partner. They will identify potential Averiware customers and refer them to Averiware representatives for a revenue share of the referred accounts. As part of the program, Averiware Referral Partners receive the tools they need to promote Averiware solutions to their client base.

Averiware VAR & Reseller Partners
Averiware’s Reseller Program is designed to allow qualified reseller and VARs to offer Averiware’s shrink wrapped product or Averiware on Demand. Resellers are trained on Averiware have access to a demo version and necessary marketing collateral and support to help them succeed. These partners will be the main client contact and will receive any marketing or technical support they require from the Averiware team.

ISP, ASP & Web Portal Business Partner Directory
Averiware is looking to established strategic alliances with companies’ world wide that provide end-to-end business solutions to SMB (Small-to-Medium Business) or to the Enterprise market. These organizations will provide Averiware to their clients. They can offer the Averiware solution as an additional service run from their data center or they can direct their clients to our data center for a referral fee. These partner will be the main client contact and will receive any marketing or technical support they require from the Averiware team.

Averiware products are designed to be offered in an ASP model, they can be offered as an On- Demand application or an On-Premises application hosted at your clients location. This approach gives partners and customers the option that can satisfy their needs. For partners, this provides significant competitive advantages.

Become a Averiware Partner and start driving revenue and profitability today! Learn more about program benefits and requirements or Contact.