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Human Resource Management is an umbrella term that involves the effective and efficient deployment and development of human capital in an organization. It is concerned with all things to do with managing an establishment’s employees and the resources related to them.

Employees are the most important resource in an establishment, and a company rightly puts a lot into its human resource department. Averiware’s HRM module aims to reduce costs and increase efficiency. It provides a uniform record-keeping format that will not only reduce administrative costs, but also optimize human resource deployment, training and advancement. Streamlining your human resources administration and reporting procedures will also have a positive effect on employee satisfaction and retention.

The HR module also provides functionalities related to administration, payrolls, employee benefits, time management and reporting.

  • Record and track all customary information, including:
    • Hire dates
    • Salary and wage information, including pay history
    • Emergency contacts
    • Employee lookup
    • Benefits selection
    • Time card printing
    • Time and attendance
  • Link employees with the ‘home’ organization for sales commissions, data security rules and reporting
  • Unlimited user-controlled job descriptions
  • Allow employee interaction with Averiware based on job requirements