Averiware is built around a server-centric architecture in which the application logic executes on servers instead of on desktop clients. This makes any system that supports Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.5 Averiware-enabled. Averiware is written in Java and uses servlet technology to push secure HTML to your web browser.

Averiware places no restrictions on the number of users a company can authorize.

Averiware’s scalable architecture is designed to support large numbers of simultaneous users, so processing time remains consistently fast. In addition, Averiware’s servers are connected to the Internet via high-speed communications lines, further improving system response times.

In addition to the context-sensitive help built into the application, we offer online support, online user manuals and implementation manuals. We also have chat rooms for online interaction as well as training courses that can be offered in your facilities.

Averiware’s database servers are not available to the Internet directly, but can be accessed only through our application server. The application server has two levels of security: First, the data is encrypted using secure socket layers (SSL), and second, all users have a username and password which the database requires.

If the transaction has already been submitted, then the data will be saved. Otherwise, one has to stay online to save the data.

Averiware is an extremely flexible application, and our customers have found that most of their business processes can be accommodated by Averiware without modification. Averiware’s report writer is a customer-level tool designed to display information contained in Averiware in a variety of ways, as well as filter the information and perform various logical and arithmetic operations.

Yes, Averiware has both CRM and SCM functionality. Averiware can interface and share information with other systems.

No. Because Averiware is pushing secured HTML, the bandwidth requirements are minimal. However, a DSL line is highly recommended as the connection is always on and it can support more users.

Averiware can be in production in a matter of weeks.