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Cloud / Online self-service Portals make it easy for your organization to do business. By offering your customers, suppliers and partners a self-service portal, it is easy to create and check orders, case or payment status, view and manage documents and resolve issues while to reaping the benefits of faster, more transparent, and less expensive business processes. Our customer self-service portal will increase customer, supplier, and partner loyalty by stream lining the process. Also increase visibility and collaboration by providing access to various documents, statuses, and sharing project information and more. And your order fulfillment, case collections and supplier payments will be faster than you think.

  • Reduce Operating Cost
  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Real Time
    • Orders
    • Tickets / Cases
    • Customers Self Service
    • Reports
    • Tickets
    • Customers Self Service
    • Vendor / Partner Self Service
    • Bill Submission / Status
    • Automatic Notifications
    • Ticket Submissions