Averiware Cloud ERP modules:

The Averiware Cloud ERP helps you to reduce your capital cost and increases operational excellence across your organization. It automates manual tasks so you can focus on the right strategic directions and improve insights that help you in decision making and operations management.

Automated and integrated business processes; eliminates manual processing and reduces administrative overheads; improves accuracy of orders, inventory, and financial data; reduces inventory shrinkage.

With our world-class accounting and financial management functionality, you will have real-time data from any or all of your company’s divisions and locations – all the information you need to better run your business.

You can automate your purchasing and inventory management to save on manual efforts, improve accuracy, and control costs. With greater insight into the supply chain and streamlined processes to help you manage it, you can anticipate problems and take steps to avoid situations, such as stock-outs, that negatively impact customer loyalty.

You can integrate your existing web storefront, shopping basket and credit card processing with the information in Averiware. Your website forms integrate with our CRM to better capture and manage leads. Using our Customer Portal will allow your customers to request quotes, orders, reorders and initiate cases and trouble tickets, make payments online, and view past information.

Empower your employees with the information they need to give quality, personalized and informed customer service. Averiware automates the processes around customer interaction to improve productivity and differentiate your business with excellent customer care.

Our suite of integrated business applications seamlessly connects the business processes within your organization, enabling your business to operate more effectively and efficiently. Averiware combines everything successful businesses need – from managing sales opportunities and customer relationships, through order entry and processing, to internet sales and complete accounting.

We understand that one of the reasons businesses stay with their existing solution is that it contains valuable historic information. We can work with you to make this process easier and spread the cost-migration services over several months, if required.