Keeping Track Of Receivables: Are you having difficulty keeping track of all your receivables? Managing the AR ( receivables) and shorting the payment cycle is extremely import to a business. This improve cash flow and a proper system helps make sure you do not, delay getting invoices out to your customers.

Averiware, is a cloud based solution to your problem, you will be able to quickly generate invoices, keep track of all your invoices, receipts, advances, deposits, returned checks, and credit memos. Once Averiware is implemented will help you better manage you AR and in turn improve cash flows of your business.

Communication: For an accounts receivable management to be truly successful, it must work around a systematic, consistent, and controlled communications plan. Are you communicating with customers today? Many companies send an invoice and do nothing until the invoice is late, then later start calling customers and playing catch-up. Why? Usually it’s because they don’t have the time to deal with sending reminder letters, emails, and phone calls to customers because collectors don’t have time.

With Averiware, these types of issues won’t exist. Send recurring emails, invoices and reminders with ease. Avoid the long headaches and build customer relationships with consistent communication.

Lack of consistency: Consistency is defined as, “the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time” which is exactly what you need to be successful in collections. There are a few different areas of accounts receivable management in which consistency plays an important role. If your business lacks consistency, you can hurt your business in the long run.

With Averiware your business will be set up to with constant communications in receivables. Keeping track of all your revenue is what keeps your company alive, and therefore a proper solution is almost mandatory. Gain a competitive advantage with averiware today!

I have included some links to video on Averiware AR module.

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