Throughout the supply chain, properly managing inventory is one of the most critical tasks of a business. Fully accounting for where raw materials, customer orders, and everything in between lies allows any organization to run a streamlined operation, reduce waste, and improve customer service.

One key component of proper inventory management is accurately overseeing stock inventory. Understanding the status of each component or product allows manufacturers, logistics operators, and retail organizations to manage demand, facilitate production, and free up capital. Without the right tools to properly manage stock inventory, organizations can seriously jeopardize production needs, cash flow, and customer loyalty.

Cloud ERP software solutions can make it easy for your organization to improve its stock inventory management solution anytime, anywhere. Conveniently available through a web-based portal and series of mobile apps, cloud ERP software delivers greater insights into the entire supply chain to deliver seamless and streamlined operations.

Averiware’s Cloud ERP for stock inventory management a powerful business solution that fully integrates with a wide variety of existing software solutions. With a wide variety of extendable modules to enhance and fine-tune functionality, Averiware’s cloud ERP software allows for comprehensive stock inventory management that saves time, money, and hassle.

Averiware’s cloud software for inventory management makes tracking stock simple, fast, and efficient. The cloud ERP for stock inventory management enables users to carry out powerful operational tasks, including:

  • Creating serialized items and kits
  • Establishing pricing matrices and reorder levels
  • Tracking items by groups and categories
  • Associating spare parts and accessories
  • Adjusting inventory on the fly

Averiware’s cloud app for inventory management also includes powerful automation features, making it possible to automatically anticipate problems, reduce inaccuracies, and boost performance.

For organizations already using existing sales force automation (SFA), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and e-commerce software, Averiware offers comprehensive extensions that make it possible to conduct all business needs from a single solution. Taken together, Averiware’s cloud app for inventory management can deliver better insights drawn from a wide variety of business solutions, delivering a fully-integrated solution with a high degree of accuracy.

Combined with a comprehensive mobile app for inventory management, Averiware’s Cloud ERP makes it simple to conduct business anytime, anywhere. To see how Averiware can boost your organization’s stock inventory capabilities, Schedule a cloud ERP demo today