The distribution industry is exceptionally unique and competitive in nature. It is essential for companies in the industry to have an integrated cloud ERP solution that can improve productivity, decrease costs, increase sales, and help them gain visibility in the operations and visibility into activities of drivers, and field service team members.  A cloud ERP empowers distribution companies to have the information necessary to make better choices.

An enterprise resource planning system (ERP) coordinates all parts of business resources, operations, monitoring, reporting, sales, accounting finances, and much more. It also helps businesses work easily by keeping in all the data in a single secure database.

The following are 3 major advantages of Cloud ERP solution that will assist you with understanding why your distribution firm should choose a Cloud ERP,

1. Save Money

A Cloud ERP software typically has a faster time to implementation and avoids the need for purchasing on-site servers, software, and database. It also eliminates the need for your in-house IT Team to support the application and handle software upgrades and server patching. All of these help organizations save significantly!

Another major benefit is the ability to have a monthly cost based on users rather than a large upfront capital allocation required for an On-Premises deployment. Lower monthly costs allow companies to spend money on other areas and company initiatives.

2. Accessibility

Accessibility also means you can add remote locations and enable employees working from home to have access to the same data.

Cloud ERP solutions are accessible in Cloud secure data centers. Most leading firm have architected their solutions to ensure they have backup and redundancy to ensure the prevention of loss data and system continuity. They also typically use APIs (application service interfaces) that can be used to connect with their mobile solutions.

Real time data helps the business operate more efficiently by updated information on resources such as inventory levels, shipments, customer orders, drivers, and field service team members.

3. Simplifies & Automates Business Procedures

Cloud ERP solution simplifies business procedures and drives automation for distribution firms. By implementing best practices and simplifying procedures and processes, you empower new employees to learn the system quickly. For an organization to grow, it is essential for new employees to get up and running quickly and to void the pitfall of siloed information or employees with certain tribal knowledge that cannot be shared

When you have a system where all information is accessible with functionalities linking sales, ordering, warehouse, inventory, deliveries, finance, and more, a business can take place faster and more efficiently.   Most modern systems allows you to set up workflow and alerts to ensure your team members can stay on top of important activities and tasks.

The global research and advisory firm, Gartner, identifies several benefits of Cloud ERP systems: they are scalable, flexible, give users real-time resources, are more customer-centric, and have lower up-front costs. While the advantages of ERPs for the distribution industry are many, simply implementing any software won’t assist you with accomplishing your business objectives. It is critical to partner with an experienced ERP solutions provider to arrive at the correct software for your business.  Averiware is one of the most trusted Cloud ERP Solution providers in the Distribution industry. And we have worked with many companies around the globe.

Why to Choose Averiware Cloud ERP Solution?

Averiware is a fully integrated business management solution that helps companies gain visibility and increase operational and accounting efficiencies. It is an integrated Cloud ERP solution that connects your department and operations – including marketing, sales, customer service, order management and fulfillment, purchasing, inventory and warehouse management, deliveries and financial accounting.