One of the biggest things wholesalers have struggled with until recently was streamlining the process from order placement to fulfillment. The fulfillment chain involves everyone from finance to sales to warehouse workers, so it makes sense to have a cloud-based ERP system. With a cloud-based wholesale management system, all necessary information can be seen by anyone, at any time, and in real-time.

Cloud-based Modern ERP software makes it possible for wholesale distribution companies to better manage crucial business processes, linking core functions together in order to help run the entire company.

Many legacy ERP systems, however, were created before smartphones, smart sensors, and other always-connected intelligent devices became commonplace. Without a forward-thinking ERP solution designed for the modern way of doing business, wholesale distribution firms risk being outshined by more nimble competitors using fully-integrated and responsive web-based ERP systems.

Why Modern Cloud ERP software make sense?

Cloud ERP software for wholesale businesses makes it possible to run a highly-efficient and responsive operation. Through easy-to-access web-based solutions, a cloud app for wholesale distribution allows wholesalers to handle critical work tasks anytime, anywhere.

Main reasons why it’s time for wholesale firms must move to a cloud ERP:

1.A single point of management: A cloud ERP for wholesale distribution allows companies to manage e-commerce storefronts, order fulfillment, and customer support from a single platform — streamlining operations into an easy-to-use web-based portal.

2.Real-time data: With fully integrated accounting, financial management, and automated inventory management capabilities, an ERP for distribution businesses can help extract valuable insights in real-time, allowing companies to run as efficiently as possible.

3.Mobility: Cloud-based ERP systems allow warehouses to track and manage information from virtually any device, with offline capabilities allowing workers to remain productive even when they’re without an internet connection.

4.Automation: ERP software for wholesale businesses allows for automated purchasing and inventory management, making it easy to control costs, boost accuracy, and anticipate future problems.

5.Improved customer service: From a convenient customer portal to automated customer interactions, a cloud ERP solution enables wholesale distribution firms to handle customer requests with ease and care.

6.Extend-ability: A powerful cloud ERP solution for distribution businesses offers a full range of modules to cover a wide range of business needs, such as supply chain management (SCM), human resource management (HRM), and customer relationship management (CRM), giving wholesale distributors a holistic view of their entire business practice.

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