An ERP is a system that makes it easy for an organization to integrate its processes and automate all the back office functions related to human resource, services and technology.

An ERP solution helps a business integrate and manage its inventory, manufacturing, planning, finance, human resource and other important management functions.

With an ERP all processes and functions are real time and transparent. Many companies are quickly embracing ERP solutions to make business functions easier, efficient and transparent.

Small and Midsize Business ERP Solutions, why this is a good alternative.

small Business Cloud & ERP Solutions

  1. Integrated functions– With an ERP solution, all business solutions and processes are interconnected and integrated. Functions are automated and connected. You can integrate finance, auditing, supply chain and other functions together for a broad view of the business and better and faster decision making.
  2. Scalability– ERP makes it easier to extend and add new functionalities as the business expands. This means easier management of departments, functions and processes within the organization
  3. Improved reporting – ERP makes it easier to analyze, make and customize reports. Anyone using the system can make reports without needing expertise from IT. Staff can respond to large data requests easily, in addition to running to making reports from anywhere in the world.
  4. High data quality– With automated processes and reporting, there are lesser errors and redundancies. This leads to high quality data compared to manually entering and processing the data.
  5. Improved access to information– ERP solutions make it easier and faster to access information compared to looking for the information manually for example on spreadsheet. Cloud based ERP solutions are in addition accessible from anywhere in the world, making it possible to access and work on the system anytime anywhere.
  6. Easier business workflow– Integrating and automating all the business processes makes it easier for the information to flow. This leads to smooth and easier running of the business
  7. Reduced operating costs– An ERP introduces an efficient and faster way to process and manage organizational resources. This eliminates delays and errors, leading to reduced cost. For example the fact that a cloud ERP system offers mobility makes it possible to work from anywhere, which is crucial in reducing costs

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