Retail business is one of the biggest hit business industries on the planet right now with the wide notoriety of eCommerce & online marketplace. When everything is available at your doorstep with anytime exchange/return policies, for what reason would someone waste time stepping out to a retail store?

However, getting buyers to the retail store is an essential challenge for retailers. Reshaping retail experience to perform in the midst of the e-commerce hypergrowth is imperative. Positive customer experience is the new competitive battlefront & stores can offer experiences that are impossible online. The preference is for brands & stores that permit customers to weigh multiple alternatives. Customers need experiences that are plentiful with choices, convenience, & digitization to meet expectations.

Retailers over the globe are undergoing a significant change from a conventional environment to a profoundly integrated system. To thrive in the current business scenario retailers must have a presence in all the channels, actual stores, online applications, mobile applications with the correct set of instruments to make supply chain & marketing operations operate cohesively.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a strongly recommended software system that can benefit retailers to achieve desired targets & thrive in the competition seamlessly.

How Averiware ERP benefit retailers to improve customer experience?

Averiware ERP software allows the marketing team to analyze the effects of a sales promotion, order fulfillment, product sales & much more. It helps the marketing team to analyze & attract their customer behavior patterns & replicate similar promotions in different locations. Below are the major benefits to retailers by integrating ERP software,

Inventory & margin management: The merchandising team is able to plan inventory & margins. Further, distributors must have access to demand analysis reports to plan efficient inventory. An integrated ERP solution can smoothen the collaboration between both retailers & distributors to yield better results.

  • From the vendor’s point of view, back end rebates can be recovered. The ERP system will allow the synergy between merchandising & finance teams to recover the agreed rebates for easy planning of further events & campaigns.
  • Retailers should have shelf or bin management solutions that provide a graphical representation of the store or warehouse so that inventory can be managed at the right time & place to attract customers.

POS System Integration: Point of sale software should provide the ultimate customer satisfaction before leaving the store. A customer’s shopping experience is to be maintained from the time of entrance till they leave the store.

  • With ERP software all POS processes can be executed smoothly to improve customer’s in-store experience. This can reduce billing time. Mobile counters & self-checkout software help complete billing faster. All integrations like credit/ debit cards, digital wallets & reliable programs must be a part of the POS system.
  • ERP software tools are integrated with the PoS machines, which gives accurate data. ERP takes advantage of PoS machines one step further by reflecting all transactional data instantly not just in the retail outlets, but in the central ERP system too.

E-commerce Management: E-commerce is indispensable for retail, which is why ERP tools now come with e-commerce integration. Like PoS machines, e-commerce integration allows ERP software to get access to each & every data’s transactions. This data can then be used for inventory management, demand forecasting, etc.

  • ERP allows retailers to analyze customer trends & past sales. It gives you insights into what products have been popular & what haven’t, which helps you in deciding which product you should promote & which you must discard. The various factors associated with sales, like pricing, discounts, sales offers, etc., can be developed with Averiware ERP Software.

Best Choice for Retail Industries

Averiware ERP for the Retail Industry has been developed keeping in mind the specific needs of the retail industry. It controls inventory intelligently & can manage warehouses at multiple locations. The users are informed well in advance about finished stocks so orders can be placed on time. Similarly overstocking can also be saved. A Cloud ERP user can access the data whenever they want from wherever they are.

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