In our busy world, however, it is tricky to manage an online ecommerce store with increasing competition and stress. Nowadays retailers have an innovative solution to resolve this issue by Cloud ERP software integration.

In this article, we have shared relevant aspects related to ecommerce Cloud ERP Software integration for your future business growth.

#1st – The Need for Cloud ERP Integration for ecommerce

Often, businesses don’t wish to alter their business process or invest cost and hence overlook the need for Cloud ERP integration for their business. They don’t realize and notice the positive influence of Cloud ERP integration on their enterprise.

For example, when you integrate your Cloud ERP system with your sales stream, it will provide you with some information. You can obtain the order, shipping, customer, and inventory information with ease.

Integrating with the system allows a secure and smooth transfer of essential data, along with discarding duplicate data and the manual hassle of entering data into the system.

Keeping a constant check on different business streams manually can be a painful task. It can consume several resources and the outcome is not up to the mark. Other alternatives require human intervention, which can cause delays or errors in the process and have an adverse effect on your revenue.

The following solutions can help you avoid such predictable errors:

  1. Incorrect shipping address
  2. Miscalculated inventory levels
  3. Incomplete and misspelled product information

Skipping Cloud ERP ecommerce integration for your business can leave you unexposed to several business opportunities and poor customer experience.

#2nd – Perks of Cloud ERP integration for ecommerce business

1.Diminishing Operational Expenses

Cloud ERP integration offers you updated and fresh information about your customers. You get the instant & latest information on Available Inventory, Order Status, Shipment details, and many more details. The automated data is error-free, so your team spends less time re-working on it. This way, you will save ample resources and costs involved in it.

2.Reduced Human Intervention

By integrating Cloud ERP for ecommerce, you can restrict human intervention in the process of payment, shipping, order management, and customers’ information. The system also updates and shares product details for improved inventory management.

Integration is the key to eliminating unwanted, excess, repetitive data from your database. It helps you to run ecommerce business with minimum errors, reduced data redundancy, and human intervention.

3.Improved Customer Satisfaction

Ecommerce business revolves around customers. Your customers will be keener to associate with you if you provide them Quality products, Purchase Experience, Order Cycle, Timely Delivery, Post-Sales-Service. The system can provide you add-on customer information that can help you understand your customers closely.

With improved customer service, your business can efficiently retain customers, and they are less likely to wander off to other portals for better services or products.

4.Accurate Financial Reports

Reports offer you a concise overview of the occurrences of a particular department. For instance, financial reports produced via ERP giveaway a clear picture of your business finances.

They can guide you to invest wisely and in the right resources and highlight areas that are lucrative to invest. Such reports can help make current and future decisions smartly and rapidly.

Your finance team doesn’t have to spend hours to generate trial balance, cash flow information, and P/L statements.


The Cloud ERP system can guide you in the right direction and regain command of your business, helping you stand on your feet again and help attain your desired targets. It can help trace future business opportunities and chase them right on time.

With Averiware Cloud ERP integration you can unleash future business opportunities for your ecommerce enterprise. And this way, you can prepare your workforce and business for upcoming prospects.

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