In recent days, SFA has been standout amongst the most indispensable parts of all effective organizations. The general execution helps it stand as an irreplaceable resource.

According to the recent business static survey, Sales Force Automation has produced;

  1. 45% increase in deal closures
  2. 20% reduction in the sales cycle
  3. 15% reduction in sales administration time
  4. When these figures are applied to a multi-million-dollar financial institution, the overall productivity and profit increase can be quite substantial.

Let’s take a look at the below details, Why SFA is a necessity for your business in the modern scenario if you look forward to staying at the top of your league.

Why SFA Software is a necessity for your business?

SFA can save your sales team more than a few hundred hours each year. SFA can take care of providing customer contacts, logging past interactions, scheduling emails & appointments, tracking responses, and a lot more.

If these tasks were to be manually done, would take a handful of hours each week and consistent sync would be impossible. But with the cloud technology, each team member is updated even on the go.

Five Effective Features of SFA Software

The features of SFA software are more than vibrant. SFA has been perfectly tailored to deal with most of the business tasks if not all. The features are divided into the following areas:

  1. Contact & Sales Management
  2. Lead & Partner Management
  3. Automated Document Management
  4. Reports and Dashboard Management
  5. SFA Mobile Application

1.Contact & Sales Management

You’ll get a complete view of your customer contact details, activity history, past interactions, and internal account discussions right at your fingertips. Even insights from multiple social media platforms are available. And the best part is all these data is available throughout the framework of SFA anytime a reference is required. You can never fall short on giving your team enough attention when it comes to closing the deals. Get real-time data on your team, set metric-based goals, give coaching notes, provide feedback and drive performance by rewarding their efforts.

2.Lead & Partner Management

Pursuing leads is much more convenient and easier than before using SFA’s lead management features. Leads are generated and converted from social media interactions, website visits, and campaign impressions. Work with your partner networks at a whole new level. You can actively monitor involvements, share objectives, and activities to ensure maximum output.

3.Automated Document Management

SFA solutions are also helpful in automating document management, which promotes information sharing and ensures consistent and up to date information across the sales team. Managers can integrate product and pricing information, marketing materials, presentations, research reports, upcoming product information, or similar sales materials into the system for immediate access by the sales team to deliver to customers. The system can allow salespeople to quickly generate estimates, proposals, and quotes, and shorten the response time to RFPs.

4.Reports and Dashboard Management

Insights are the sketches of your hard work paying off. All the data SFA has handled finally boils down in the form of insight demographics, accessible by everyone and everywhere as you need. Access your dashboards from anywhere and anytime to get real-time reports of your businesses via intuitive interface and graphics. Smart, easy and accurate forecasting of your sales based on numerous variables delivered real-time to your team’s dashboard with great features such as inline editing, visibility override, and multi-currency support making sales forecasting as easy as a pie.

5.SFA Mobile Application

Your Smartphone is no longer just a Smartphone. It’s going to be your portable sales office with the Salesforce mobile application. You can log your calls, check your sales performance, respond to leads and stay in pace with the work opportunities anywhere you are.

Final Thoughts!

SalesForce Automation System is absolutely a necessity for any business whose backbone is sales and customer relationship management. SFA software can cut down thousands of wasted work hours while improving productivity multiple folds. If you need your business to stay in the game against heavy competition, Averiware SFA Software is the answer.

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