small-business erp solutions

There were days when ERP solutions were meant only for fortune 500 companies. But those days are gone long back. Now, there is a stiff competition among the ERP solution providers to offer tailored solutions, especially to this niche sector of small and medium business enterprises.

This is the perfect time for the small and businesses to take the advantage of the Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, to grow and strengthen their enterprises.

However, as there is heavy competition in the ERP market, the chances of getting carried away or being misled are more. Hence it is necessary for the small and medium enterprises to get well educated, before considering their options for ERP solutions, which can really meet their business needs.

Right from knowing how Small Business ERP differs from traditional ERP and what are the varied features and advantages offered by small business ERP, the SMBs must know all the details to make informed and right decision.

Small business ERP is the term used for describing lightweight business management software solution, which is designed and developed to meet the needs of small businesses.

Generally Small Business ERP is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service), and includes all the vital modules of business, like Accounting, Sales, Purchases, Finances, Orders, Leads, Contacts, Employees etc. With the latest developments in the cloud technology, the Cloud ERP Solutions for SMBs are also quickly gaining popularity.

The small and medium sized companies looking towards updating their financial, sales, human resources, customer relationship management, and procurement applications can now find all the solutions that they are looking for, in Small Business ERP offerings.

Averiware Inc., an innovative software development company, possesses years of experience and expertise in offering smart ERP solutions, especially designed and developed for SMBs. The Averiware solution helps the small and medium size enterprises to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency at an affordable cost.

It offers a bunch of niche solutions like SaaS accounting software, SaaS for distribution tools or SaaS for order management to meet the individual and unique needs of every organization. The company also offers Cloud ERP, which is both affordable and technologically advanced. All these solutions can also be customized as per the individual needs.

The best part of Averiware ERP Solutions  is that, one would not have to struggle with server issues or other technical aspects. One can manage his small business SaaS ERP or Cloud ERP from anywhere in the world, as he would just need an Internet connection to log on. It’s as simple as that. To know more details about this leading Small Business ERP Solutions provider, please visit for more information :